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South-east Asia has always been a hub when it comes to tailoring of all kinds, and it’s well known that certain cities like Hong Kong and Bangkok are great places to go when it comes to getting a suit made for you.

But what about somewhere further flung? It turns out that bespoke tailoring for men Koh Samui has been garnering praise for quite a few years now – decades, actually. Just because Koh Samui is an island, and one that’s far from any center of fashion, doesn’t mean to say that it’s in a junior league when it comes to fashion. On the contrary, on Koh Samui you will find tailoring is taken very seriously.

The first tailors set up early on Koh Samui, and came more or less with the first tourists. This was back in the days when the island was more or less unknown, and certainly not the travel destination it has since become. But even back then enough visitors asked bemused locals if there was anywhere where they could get clothes made for them. Clearly, there was a demand, albeit fledgling, and soon came a supply of entrepreneurial tailors who set up on the island. And as more tourists came, with more demands, the supply of tailors increased in tandem.

At Trend Fashion we were one of those early-days tailors. We have been on the island for many years now and we count ourselves on still being at the forefront of the tailoring business here. We have not just the knowledge of tailoring itself but also have had years of experience of dealing with requests of all kinds, all of which have to be fulfilled in very short periods of time. After all, our clients are on holiday and may well be here only for a few days. We have to work fast and efficiently and provide total customer satisfaction. And we can guarantee that we do that. Each time. Every time.

If you are looking for bespoke tailoring for men Koh Samui, many reputable companies await you and will be able to produce the clothing that you have set your heart on. At Trend Fashion we go the extra mile to provide a service that leaves most of our peers standing.

We offer a free pickup service taking you from your hotel or villa or other accommodation to our store in Chaweng, and then back again. This spares you the hassle of having to make your own way to us. We can also arrange to do fittings at your accommodation if you are short of time and would like to avail yourself of this service.

We feel that as you are in an unfamiliar place, getting around may well be stressful, so we are happy if you avail yourself of our travel options. Just as important, you will be relaxed when you are with us and able to make sound choices.

You may be completely new to bespoke tailoring for men Koh Samui; most of our clients are. But there’s absolutely no need to worry. Our tailors are here to guide you every step of the way. They all speak English and will be able to put you at your ease as soon as you arrive at our store. Your tailor will ask you lots of questions about what you want; the style, design, country to be worn in, degree of formality and so on. This is to give them a picture of what you are ideally looking for.

They will be able to offer inspiration and help you make good choices. We have a lot of fashion photography books, catalogues and ideas to browse through. Even if you have basically no idea of what you would like, we will be able to find out the clothes that will fulfil your expectations and which will be ideal for you.

We have many different types of cloth and textiles in our store and can quickly order more from elsewhere. And we have the designs that go with them. Once you have made your choice, you will be measured so that we can ensure that the clothes will fit you like a glove.

You will be called back in a day or two, once the clothes are ready for you to try on. This is the first fitting and afterwards some adjustments will be made. Then there will be a second and perhaps third fitting. We are extremely efficient and our priority is that you receive perfect clothing every time. In doing so, we know that time is of the essence and can guarantee that the clothes will be ready at the time/date we have agreed on with you.

If you are looking for bespoke tailoring for men Koh Samui, we invite you to get in contact with us at Trend Fashion or visit us in our store. We provide satisfaction no matter how small or large your order is.

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