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Almost every day there will be several weddings on Samui with families and friends gathering to watch a ceremony take place with amazing backdrops of blue water, palms and beautiful sandy beaches. The weddings will all have been planned, allowing bride and groom to thoroughly relax and enjoy what will be a very magical time.

Despite most weddings being laidback affairs held by the water’s edge, the clothing that the bride chooses for her big day could be just about anything. It may be just as elaborate as a gown worn in a very formal setting back home, or it may be entirely casual – or anything in between. There are no rules at all for this.

Many brides will order their wedding dresses back at home and bring them with them. However, those in the know realize that there is a much better option, which is to have the dresses made on the island and ready for the day.

Wedding Dresses Koh Samui are very popular and there are many tailors on the island who can make them. Here at Trend Fashion, such dresses are one of our specialties. We have established ourselves as one of the leading bespoke tailors on the island and we regularly make wedding attire of all kinds. Incidentally, not only do we make wedding dresses but also suits and trousers for the grooms and clothing for bridesmaids and groomsmen – whatever is required. We are used to dressing both bride and groom and their entire entourage, too.

The wedding dresses that we make may take a little longer than many of our clothes do, as they are more complex, but we are able to work to short deadlines and guarantee that everything will be ready for you well in advance. You can make initial contact with us before you leave home or you can drop into our store in south Chaweng when you arrive.

Incidentally, we provide a free round trip to our store and back to your hotel or villa, should you wish to avail yourself of this option.

The process of making your dream wedding dress starts with our tailors finding out exactly what kind of dress you are looking for. We can give you plenty of inspiration thanks to the many catalogs and fashion books that we have in our store, and you are naturally welcome to bring us your own designs, photos or ideas that you have seen on Pinterest or Instagram. We are happy to look at your mood board and incorporate your wedding colors and ideas. The spirit of the occasion is also important to us, so we will want to know if, say, your wedding is to be a very glamorous occasion, or if you would like it to have a free-spirit vibe. We will need to know the degree of formality you would like, whether abidingly traditional and formal or completely laid-back.

If you are looking for wedding dresses Koh Samui we have a plethora of suitable materials in stock, or if they are rare, we can quickly order them for you. We can make dresses in silk chiffon, satin or lace, different kinds of cottons as well as more adventurous materials.

Similarly we can make all kinds of wedding dresses, from the very classic all the way through to the most avant-garde. No matter if you want a timeless look or something edgy and bold, we can create it for you. We are able to create the perfect silhouette for you and can accommodate all body shapes and types. You may require something that accentuates your curves or may prefer an entirely minimalist look, but no matter what, we have the expertise and will be able to make you look your very best at your wedding.

Visiting bespoke tailors like Trend Fashion is a very collaborative experience. We listen to your needs and make sure that we understand your vision before we discuss designs, materials and colors. We believe in understanding the overall picture very clearly before moving onto the individual details. When you come to us we take time to envisage with you your ideal wedding dress. Only when you are ready do we proceed with measuring you.

After that, we will make up the dress and you are free to go, but once ready, we will call you for a first fitting. We hone in on the fit and make all of the adjustments needed. After that, there will be a second fitting. A third may or may not be necessary, but we like to reserve the option, just in case – after all, our goal is nothing less than perfection. Only when you are satisfied, is our task complete.

If you are interested in wedding dresses Koh Samui, Trend Fashion offers you exactly the same professionalism that you will find in any sophisticated tailors in the west but at considerably cheaper prices.

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