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It will probably come as a surprise but on Koh Samui there’s an unexpected and rich history of bespoke tailoring. Most visitors don’t know that this is the case before they arrive, but once they are here, they realize just how many tailors have set up on the island. Every town has a half dozen tailors, often more, and they cater to the numerous vacationers who want to have clothing made for them. The tailors have been here since the first days when the island began to become famous. They brought with them their skills which have been handed down through generations and have honed them still further here on Koh Samui.

At Trend Fashion we consider ourselves to be one of the foremost tailors on the island. We were one of the very first tailor shops to open on Samui and have been in business ever since. We know how to make just about anything when it comes to clothing.

Something that we are often called to do is to make clothing and suits for groomsmen. It calls for particular skills as the clothing has to complement both the theme and the actual colors of the wedding.

Many groomsmen who are coming to weddings on Koh Samui have their suits made for them back at home. The suits are then packed for the plane ride and are hopefully not too crumpled on arrival. However, there’s a much easier solution; they can have everything that they need made for them on the island. The handiwork is just as professional as a respected tailor’s back at home and the price will work out to be much cheaper – possibly even cheaper than buying suits off-the-rack.

If you are looking for groomsmen suits tailoring Koh Samui, you might be wondering how it all works and – big question – is there really enough time to get everything ready?

The making of a suit doesn’t call for anything complicated on the part of the groomsmen, and regarding time, we are very used to dealing with short deadlines; after all, most of our clients are here on Koh Samui for a vacation, and many don’t come to us until late in their holidays. We are proud to say that here at Trend Fashion we can offer a thoroughly professional service that can be started and finished within just a few days. It’s entirely possible for us to dress groomsmen in a short timeframe – and, if needed, the groom, bride and bridesmaids, too.

You are welcome to contact us before you arrive and let us know your ideas for groomsmen’s suits, or you can simply come to our store and we can go through everything then.

Very often the bride will accompany the groomsmen to the tailor’s store as she will be more familiar with the wedding details than they are, and will be a guiding hand for them.

The tailor will speak good English and will be able to faithfully gather all relevant details. He will ask the groomsmen all he needs to know in order to make the perfect suits for them. There is incidentally plenty of inspiration to hand in catalogs, photographs and fashion collections. And you are of course welcome to bring along your own ideas. Groomsmen suits tailoring Koh Samui is all about good collaboration between you and the tailor. He will find out exactly what sort of style and feeling you are looking for and then make suggestions. There is an enormous range of possibilities using the fabrics and colors that are stored at the tailor’s, and he can always order more materials in, if there is something that isn’t already in the shop.

Once all the decisions have been made, he will measure each of the groomsmen and they will be called when the clothes are ready. In this first fitting, adjustments can be made and a while afterwards there will be a second and, in some cases, a third fitting. The goal is that each groomsman is perfectly attired and ready for the big day. As we have said already, the clothing will be ready in good time – the last thing anyone wants at a wedding is for a supplier to be late with their goods. We guarantee our reliability and punctuality.

We also offer a free round trip service to our store, which is located in the south of Chaweng on the beach road. We will collect the groomsmen from their hotel or villa and afterwards bring them back there. Similarly the fittings can be arranged at their accommodation.

Groomsmen suits tailoring Koh Samui is one of Trend Fashion’s specialities; we have been tailors at many weddings on Koh Samui and the surrounding islands. We also produce suits for weddings that will take place back in your home country. Check in with us and let us know what your wedding needs are, and we will certainly be able to make you the ideal suits for your groomsmen.

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