Koh Samui Tailors for Ladies

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Koh Samui is justly famous for its beautiful beaches and its wonderful lifestyle. No wonder it attracts so many vacationers; it has everything going for it. People love coming here and once they’re here they find many different things to do. And some of those things are completely unexpected – such as bespoke tailoring.

Have you ever thought of having clothes made up for you by a reputable tailor? Back at home this may be way too expensive. However, if you’re on Koh Samui you will see lots of tailor shops and you may wonder how come they all seem to be flourishing. It’s because they are extremely good at what they do and offer great prices. Many vacationers entrust their clothing to them – and come back each year for more. Koh Samui tailors for ladies is a very big part of this particular sartorial cake; tailors on Koh Samui make every kind of garment for women.

The island is famous for being laid back and relaxed but when it comes to tailoring, exacting work and perfection is what is required. And Koh Samui tailors for ladies are real experts when it comes to making bespoke clothing.

The vast majority of tailors who are operating on Koh Samui are extremely well versed in their craft; they have often learned the skills from their parents who learned it in turn from theirs. Having honed their skills in their home countries they realized that there was a niche for them here on Koh Samui. When the first tailors came to the island they found many tourists who wanted clothing made up for them. And as more vacationers came so did more tailors. The competition is enormous these days so they have to be true professionals in everything that they do.

But by now you want to know how all this works – how do you go about getting bespoke clothing that will be so much better than anything you can buy off the rack?

It all starts the moment that you step into the tailor’s shop. You may be a little bit nervous especially if this is your first time with a bespoke tailor. But there’s no need to worry. On Koh Samui you are in the best of hands.

All the tailors here speak good English and they will discuss your needs with you, asking you many questions so that they can find out what exactly you want. It doesn’t matter if you have no real idea because they will be able to professionally guide you.

They also have many fashion books for you to browse through that will inspire you. And of course, you may also have a picture of your own, perhaps taken from a magazine or on Pinterest, which you can show them. They are adept at making designs from photographs, drawings and even vague sketches.

They will ask you what the clothes will be worn for, and what your preferences are and they will concentrate on style as well. And when it comes to fabric choices they can again help you. Most tailors here have a huge stock and it’s sometimes even difficult to choose what best suits you as there is so much variety.

In the next step, they take your precise measurements to guarantee a perfect fit. You may be astounded at the speed at which they work, but don’t be deceived as they are experts in accuracy. They are naturally aware that the clothes have to fit you perfectly as well as look great.

Once the clothes have been made you will be invited for a first fitting. This is quickly done and the tailor will immediately know what necessary adjustments he needs to make before the garment is finished.

When you come back for your final fitting you’ll be amazed at good the clothes are. However the tailor may make a few final quick adjustments to ensure that everything is perfect.

On Koh Samui the tailors are aware that most of their customers will be on holiday and that their time is extremely limited. They therefore work in very short time frames but can guarantee that the work will be done according to the customer’s satisfaction. It’s quite possible to come to Koh Samui just for a few days holiday and then leave with a complete wardrobe of clothes.

Most tailors will also keep your measurements on record just in case you need to have some repeat garments made up – after all even the best clothes suffer from wear and tear and will eventually need to be replaced.

The service is quite amazing, as are the prices that you’ll be charged: everything is extremely affordable, especially when compared to the prices a tailor would charge in most Western countries.

No doubt you’ll want to come back and it won’t just be for the sun and the sea but also to stock up on new fashions, new clothes and a new you. Koh Samui tailors for ladies will make you want to give up buying off-the-rack clothing for good.

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