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Many weddings are held on Koh Samui and for each one, the bride in question will be seeking the dress that perfectly matches the occasion. Brides often bring with them dresses that they have bought while at home and simply have get them steamed just before their wedding on Koh Samui. However, there are many others who know that the island is synonymous with bespoke tailoring. They have probably been here before and may already have had clothes made up for them. Whatever, they know that there are trustworthy tailors here and that they will be able to obtain the wedding dress that they want. And it will be made according to their exact measurements.

Here at Trend Fashion, we have been a continuous presence on Koh Samui since the early days when the island was barely known. We count ourselves as some of the foremost tailors here and have made thousands and thousands of garments over the years. Suffice to say, we have considerable expertise if you are looking for wedding dress makers Koh Samui.

You will be able to come to us to get your wedding dress made – and also, of course, if needs be, a suit for your husband-to-be, along with clothing for groomsmen and bridesmaids. We just need a few days to ensure that everything is done to your satisfaction.

If you like, you can make contact with us before you come to Samui and let us know any preliminary details. However, this isn’t really necessary. Just step into our store and we can start the process. We can also visit you at your hotel, resort or villa.

We are able to work completely from scratch; you may have very little idea of what you want, but our tailors will be able to show you designs and discuss ideas. We have a variety of catalogs to provide inspiration, along with photos and pictures of designs. And of course, you may have seen something that you like on Pinterest or on a weddings website.

In our store we have many different materials and textures to work with, and we can also order in anything unusual that’s needed. Our tailors will help you make the very best choice, and for those who are having wedding dresses made for different climates, we can supply materials more suited to colder countries. Even if you are having an outdoor wedding in Scandinavia, we will have the right materials for you.

Once you have chosen the design and the material, we will measure you up. This is an exact but quick process and once the tailor is satisfied, he will start on the clothes themselves. You will be of course free to go and then within a day or so, he will phone you to ask you to come to a fitting. Or, as we have mentioned, already, he will bring the clothes to you. He will almost certainly be making some adjustments and ensuring everything fits really well. A day or so later, he will ask you to come to the second fitting. Very often all can be finished then and there, but it may be necessary to come for a third fitting. Whatever, the process is a quick one, but is perfectly done. Once finished, you will have a wedding dress that you will be proud of.

Needless to say, we can work within your budget. And within your timeframe, too. This alone makes our service stand out. The professionalism is the same as you would expect from any master tailor. But there is a difference that stands out: the price. What you pay in Thailand will almost invariably be a lot less expensive than in many another country, more so if you are from the west. You will be getting clothing that fits you snugly for the same price (or less) than it would cost for something off the rack. This is why wedding dress makers Koh Samui are so popular – we can provide stellar expertise, convenience and unbeatable prices. Not only that but we can make any other items that you require for when you are back at home; we make all kinds of menswear and womenswear and no matter if you are looking for something casual or very formal, we will be able to provide it for you. Incidentally, we keep all your measurements on our database, so if you order clothing from us, we are able to make a repeat order or even something very different, and send it to you via international post.

Meanwhile, when it comes to wedding dress makers Koh Samui, Trend Fashion is one of the island’s leaders and we will be able to provide for all your wedding needs. We invite you to get in touch with us or come to our store and we will be able to help you with your dream wedding attire.

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