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Have you ever been to a tailor’s store in your home country? Often, in the west, they are few and far between, and most people just don’t consider going. And there’s no real need to go to a tailor’s; after all, there are plenty of clothes shops to choose from, plenty of styles, materials and so on. Visiting a bespoke tailors simply isn’t something most of us do, for whatever reasons. And of course, the main drawback is that even if you do find a tailor near you, the prices may well be beyond your reach.

But imagine a place where tailors’ stores are plentiful; where you just have to walk down the street to find one. And even better, their prices are all affordable. Such places exist once you venture outside Europe. South-east Asia has long been famous for its bespoke tailoring. Cities like Bangkok, Shanghai and Hong Kong spring to mind – there is lots of choice when it comes to tailors.

On a small island like ours, you might think it’s a very different scene. But this is simply not the case. If you’re looking for bespoke tailoring Koh Samui, there is an abundance of stores where you can get custom-made clothes of every kind imaginable. Koh Samui may not be a big city, but when it comes to sartorial elegance, the island certainly packs a punch, and there are dozens of tailor’s stores to choose from.

Bespoke tailoring Koh Samui is so popular because of the sheer professionalism of the tailors’ services and their value for money. You can get clothes made up that will be fashionable, will fit you perfectly and which are usually cheaper than buying clothes off the rack at a western store.

Trend Fashion has been offering bespoke tailoring Koh Samui since the early days when travelers first started coming to the island. And we have been here ever since, honing our skills and reputation over the years. We count ourselves as one of the leaders when it comes to bespoke tailoring Koh Samui.

Not only do we offer extremely competitive prices and the kind of professionalism usually associated with big cities, but we go still further yet when it comes to helping you look your very best.

For example, for anyone who would like to take advantage of our taxi service, we offer completely free round-trip transportation to our store, even though it’s centrally located on the Chaweng beach road. No matter where you are on the island, we will pick you up and afterwards take you back again. Why do we do this? It’s because we believe that choosing clothing should be a relaxing experience. If you arrive stressed from your journey – after all, you probably won’t be too familiar with the island – then you won’t be in the best frame of mind to make good choices. But of course, feel free to just drop into our store if you have your own transport and it’s convenient to use it.

Once you have arrived and have been welcomed by your tailor, we will be able to make a start with the clothing that you would like. And please don’t worry if you have little idea of what you want. The tailor will ask questions and will be able to make informed suggestions. Everything starts with an informal chat of this kind, as we really want to know what will suit you best. We have plenty of different types of material in the store and can easily order stock from elsewhere if there is something that you would like but cannot see.

You are naturally free to bring along your own designs; for example, something that you have seen on Instagram or Pinterest. Otherwise you’re welcome to just describe, even vaguely, what you would like.

Once you are ready – and only then – the tailor will measure you up and start work on your order. He will call you in a day or so when the clothes are ready. There will normally be two or three fittings to attend, with adjustments being made each time. Sometimes just two fittings are enough. Incidentally, he can bring the clothing to your hotel, resort or villa to try on, if it’s more convenient. Only when you decide that the clothes are finished and to your liking will the tailor consider the order completed.

When it comes to bespoke tailoring Koh Samui, at Trend Fashion we offer a full service and can make men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. We will be able to produce exactly what you are looking for, whether for a formal or a casual purpose. It goes without saying that we are able to make clothes for any kind of climate, hot or cold.

We know too that you are on holiday and that your time here will probably be short. We are able to work to very tight deadlines and will have your order finished at the time that we have mutually agreed on.

Drop into Trend Fashion or contact us to find out exactly how we can help you look your very best.

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