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Who doesn’t want a wardrobe filled with clothes that all fit like a glove and are stylish right down to the last detail? It’s a dream for most of us and we know we will never quite get there: clothes are expensive, after all, and it’s an exhausting search to get ones that truly fit; all too often we have to compromise on what we would really like – no shop seems to stock it.

However, if you are coming to Koh Samui, you will have a wonderful solution to all of these problems. Tailoring services Koh Samui excel at providing the very best in clothing and with hundreds of tailors on the island, they never run out of new clients. A huge demand exists for bespoke clothing and the tailors are here to provide it.

So rather than hunting round a city back at home and paying top dollar for off-the-rack clothing, you can simply have any and all clothing made up for you on Koh Samui. Expect perfect fits and the very best in materials and designs. All of this will work out far less costly and the tailor-made clothes that you will walk away with will probably be cheaper than buying them in a store back at home. It’s a win-win situation, and your expectations will be exceeded.

Every street on Koh Samui seems to have its own tailor but it’s worth coming to Trend Fashion and our store in the beach road in Chaweng. We count ourselves at the forefront of tailoring services Koh Samui and were one of the earliest stores to be established on the island. This was back in the days when the first vacationers started arriving in sizeable numbers. They knew they could get tailored clothing up in Bangkok, but since their holidays were short, they wanted there to be tailors on Koh Samui. We recognized that need and fulfilled it. And we are still here today providing tailoring services Koh Samui for men, women and children.

There is absolutely no need to worry about going to a bespoke tailors even if you have never been to one before and have only the vaguest idea of what you would like. Most people who step through our doors won’t have any experience of a tailor’s and we recognize this. But whether you are a newcomer or not, we take time to put you at your ease and find out just what kind of clothes you would ideally like. We can basically make anything whether casual or formal. Whether you want to shine in the boardroom, relax at a nightclub or have the wedding attire of your dreams, we will be able to make the right clothing for you.

And we know that because you are on holiday that your time will be short. We are able to work to deadlines that others would find impossible to fulfil. We ensure that your clothes will be ready for you on the date and time that we have mutually agreed upon.

We also offer a free round-trip service to our store and back from your hotel or villa, wherever it may be located on Koh Samui. You are naturally also welcome to step into our store anytime, no appointment is needed.

Our store contains every kind of material and we can also order in anything else that may be required, no matter how obscure it may be. We have design books and catalogues for inspiration and you are also of course welcome to bring your own designs, something you have seen on the internet, perhaps, or a photo of what you would like. We are able to work from the most minimal of ideas and produce exactly what you want. By the way, we can make clothes for any climate at all and any season. Plenty of our clients, for example, hail from northern Scandinavia and we are used to working with their needs.

Once you and our tailor have agreed on the clothing you would like, it will be time for him to measure you. This is speedily and efficiently done, and then you are free to go. You will be called a day or so later for a first fitting. Doubtless some adjustments will need to be made. There may be up to three fittings, though often two are enough. If you prefer, the tailor can bring the clothes to your hotel or villa for the fittings – this will save you time.

Once you are satisfied, the clothing is yours. It will fit perfectly and will align with all your needs and wishes. We will keep your measurements on record as many of our clients come back to the island in order to have more clothes made for them. If you are looking for tailoring services Koh Samui, contact us at Trend Fashion for the very best in professional bespoke tailoring.

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