Custom Men’s Tailoring Koh Samui

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Koh Samui may be famous for its beaches, bars and nightlife but it also scores mightily when it comes to creating a better you. And that’s all down to the sartorial elegance that the island provides for its many visitors – custom men’s tailoring Koh Samui is very much a part of the retail experience that the island offers.

But make no mistake, this isn’t about going shopping for clothes in any way that could be described as routine. When you’re on the island and looking for custom men’s tailoring Koh Samui, you will find a plethora of tailors who will go above and beyond when it comes to elegant clothing. This is a very different experience from buying off the rack, but don’t worry if you are a complete newcomer – most of the people who visit bespoke tailors have never been to one before. The tailors are used to all kinds of clients and that certainly includes those who are thinking to buy custom clothes for the first time ever.

At Trend Fashion we are long-standing tailors who came to Koh Samui in the early days of tourism. We established a presence here and have been in continuous operation ever since. We and our peers are confident we offer the best service possible; we have stood the test of time and have thousands of delighted customers. We keep their measurements on file as we know they may want to order from abroad.

For custom men’s tailoring Koh Samui, we are able to provide services that will dovetail with your holiday; we know you will want to spend the maximum amount of time with your loved ones and have geared our business to this. We offer a free round-trip pick-up service that will bring you to our store and take you back to your hotel or villa once finished. This saves you the time and the sheer effort of having to walk or drive to get to us. We can also come visit you at your accommodation and do the fittings there.

We know that many who are looking for custom men’s tailoring Koh Samui have only a vague idea of the clothes they would like. But again, there’s no need to worry. Our tailors are experts and can help you make very informed choices. We also have lots of fashion books, magazines and ideas to browse through for inspiration. You are also welcome to bring a design with you; something perhaps downloaded onto your phone from Pinterest or Instagram – we are very good at turning what we see in two dimensions into reality – clothes that will suit you and which you will look your very best in.

You will hopefully by now want to know what actually happens in the tailor store once you have made your choice. All our tailors speak good English, by the way, and will ask you lots of questions about the clothing you would like: what it’s for, where you will be wearing the clothes and the formality of the situation. Then we will look at designs and materials, with the tailor showing you what he has in stock. If what you would like isn’t there, we will very quickly be able to order it.

Next, the tailor will measure you for the clothing. This will be done quickly but super efficiently. After that you will be free to go until the first fitting, when you try on the clothes that will have been made for you. Undoubtedly at this point there will be some adjustments that need to be made – these are not off-the-rack clothes – and then you will have a second fitting. Occasionally a third fitting is necessary but this isn’t always the case. All the stages are quickly done, yet with perfection in mind.

Only when you are satisfied will you actually pay for the clothing. By then you will be the owner of clothing that fits you very snugly and which makes you stand out from the crowd. For custom men’s tailoring Koh Samui, just about anything at all can be made. It could be that you just want a few shirts or a casual ensemble or a three-piece suit. Whatever, we at Trend Fashion will be able to make it for you. By the way, we also provide wedding clothes both for the groom and the bride. Depending on where you are wearing the clothes we can make them for very different climates – a hot one or an extremely cold one. We’re at ease making clothing for just any season, anywhere.

We invite you to contact us at Trend Fashion for custom men’s tailoring Koh Samui. We will have you looking at your best – and for an outlay that will be surprisingly modest. At Trend Fashion, you will get far better quality in return for far less money.

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