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Koh Samui is famous for many things: it’s a beautiful destination replete with sea and sun and year-round swimming; an eclectic dining scene and of course there’s the wild nightlife. But there’s plenty else going on here. The island is home to many tailors all of whom are striving to produce quality clothes that holidaymakers can take home to wear back in their native countries.

Koh Samui tailors are adept at making just about anything that you want. It comes as a surprise to many, as the island is relatively small and far from the nearest fashion center, Bangkok. But none of that has stopped Koh Samui tailors from competing with their peers elsewhere.

The first tailors appeared early on in Koh Samui’s development. It’s safe to say that as soon as the island started becoming a tourist destination, tailoring wasn’t far behind. Not that anyone needed anything lavish or elegant for island life; back then it was still very much a shorts-and-sandals destination. And it still is. But savvy visitors weren’t buying beach clothes; they were buying whole wardrobes of clothes to wear back at home. Often considered best tailor in Koh Samui, Trend Fashion came to the island early and has been in vogue ever since.

If you’re from anywhere at all in the west, you’ll know it’s expensive enough to buy clothes off the rack, let alone get anything handmade for you. And that’s where Trend Fashion begins to provide advantages. You can find the best of handmade clothing for a snip (pun intended) of what it would cost anywhere else. The amazing prices mean that Trend Fashion tailors are much in demand.

Good prices are one thing, but what about the quality? Are we talking about some kind of bespoke version of the bargain bin? No, not at all. Trend Fashion pride themselves on being best tailor in Koh Samui. They have years of experience, and for many of these tailors their skills have been handed down through the generations. They will have grown up learning the business. They know all about reputation and the dedication it takes to acquire it.

Headquartered in Chaweng, Trend Fashion pride themselves on having the best of materials. These are imported to the island largely through Bangkok from trusted sources. Trend Fashion is filled with countless rolls of different materials and it’s rare for a customer to ask for something that they do not have in stock.

Step inside and have a chat to them – most speak excellent English – and you won’t be disappointed by the very wide array of materials that you will see on display. They have everything from light-weight tropical linen, to cottons, cashmere and a plethora of wool. The enormous stock will come from many different countries.

The tailors are very friendly and take a delight in what they do. They first of all find out just what you need the clothes for, in particular the degree of formality/informality that is required. A suit for a church wedding, of course, will be a very different affair to one that’s for a smart but casual business meeting. Geography can be important too. For example, if you are buying a winter coat, not all winters are alike: what you might want to wear on the French riviera is very different to the one that you can go out and about in in Northern Norway.

Once your tailor at Trend has a very good idea of what you want, you will need to spend a little time looking through the designs and materials before choosing the one that’s for you. The tailor will be able to give you excellent advice, thanks to his years of experience. After you have chosen the materials, he will start measuring you. He will be nimble and you will be finished in no time at all. But the process will have been expertly done, and this will show in the results. You will soon be called for a first fitting, when adjustments will be made. You may have up to three fittings in all, but each will be quick. The tailor can even come to your hotel room, if you prefer. Whatever you decide, you will have your new clothes very quickly. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and the tailor takes it as a personal responsibility to provide it.

Many people will recommend Trend Fashion as the best tailor in Koh Samui and it’s not surprising given their helpfulness and expertise. Your clothes will fit you like a glove and you may be surprised at how you put up with off-the-rack clothes for so long. And when you wear your clothes out and about, expect to get a few questions and compliments – people can recognize quality and are curious to know more.

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