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Out of all the possible things to do on a tropical vacation, few holidaymakers would think of visiting a bespoke tailor. It’s definitely not an activity that immediately springs to mind. But when vacationers arrive on Koh Samui, one of the first things they will notice walking down any street is that there will almost certainly be a tailor’s shop. It makes people curious, seeing so many.  At first they might think that it’s for sartorially-minded islanders but on looking around, it’s clear that this is not the case – everyone is very casually dressed. Shorts, t-shirt and sandals seems to be de rigueur.

The sole reason why the tailors are all here is that they are much needed – by all the visitors. There’s an enormous market. Holidaymakers on the island soon realize when looking at the tailors’ prices that they have stumbled across a unique meld of professionalism at extremely modest pricing. They can get top quality clothes made for a snip of the price that it would usually cost. They get to take home with them garments – or even an entire new set of clothes – that will have pride of place in their wardrobe.

And the tailors cater for every kind of occasion, formal or informal. Their services apply to men, women and children.

For the purposes of this article, we will confine ourselves, however, to women’s suit tailors Koh Samui.  If you are looking for this kind of clothing, then you are sure to find it on the island, and no doubt near you. It pays to visit trusted experts such as ourselves at Trend Fashion. We have a store in Chaweng but we are also happy to operate a free round-trip service, allowing you to come to our store without needing to book a taxi or drive here. This applies to wherever you are on the island; we will pick you up and afterwards drop you back at your hotel, resort, villa or apartment. We aim to offer you the maximum of convenience. We know that having to take a break from your holiday isn’t always the easiest of things to do, so we aim to make it as seamless as possible.

Once you are in our store, you will be able to take inspiration from the fabrics we have on offer – we offer everything when it comes to materials, and we have the designs to go with them. Our tailors will also be conversant with what’s fashionable, not just in Asia, but the world over. We also have a considerable number of up to date fashion catalogs and source books. Naturally you may have seen a fashion you like on the internet and you are welcome to bring along any pictures you have found there. We will be able to tailor them to your needs.

Many customers are new to bespoke tailoring and you may well be, too. But there is no need to worry as it’s not a daunting process. Our tailors will make you feel at home. They also speak good English. They will ask you a good few questions about the suit that you would like made; where it is to be worn and the kind of occasion when you will want to wear it. Their questions will help them put together the ideal garment for you. Once you are ready, they will start by measuring you for the suit. This is a quick process and is expertly done. Afterwards you will be free to go and then there will be a first fitting a day or so later. This is necessary so that adjustments can be made. And then a little while after that you will be called up for a second fitting. There may well be a third fitting, with just a few alterations to be made, but quite often two fittings are enough. How do we judge what is enough? The answer is that the clothes have to fit you perfectly and you have to be completely satisfied.  Only then is our business concluded.

At Trend Fashion, we consider ourselves to be leaders in bespoke fashion on Koh Samui and pride ourselves on our work. We have many repeat customers as a result. We also keep your measurements on record for you next visit to Koh Samui and in addition we have an international order system via our website. This allows you to place a bespoke order which we then prepare and finally ship to you in your home country.

When you wear clothes that you have bought from Trend Fashion, you will feel confident in them and ready to take on the world. Women’s suit tailors Koh Samui will help you shine in the often-formal situations where elegant attire is called for.

If you are interested in women’s suit tailors Koh Samui, then we invite you to get in touch with us at Trend Fashion. We will soon have you looking at your very best.

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