Wedding Suits for Men Koh Samui

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Koh Samui is synonymous with weddings and every week there are at least a dozen couples who decide to get married here on the island. Hotels, resorts and wedding planners are all helping put together memorable occasions for their brides and grooms, ensuring that they have the weddings of their dreams. And on Koh Samui, with its brilliant weather and beautiful settings, weddings tend to be unbeatable.

Many couples will still manage to spend lots on a wedding even before they have left home. There are after all the wedding clothes to be bought. But those who are in the know realize that Koh Samui has many reputable tailors. And one of their focal points is wedding clothing of all kinds.

If you are looking for wedding suits for men Koh Samui or wedding dresses then there’s no need to splurge out before you leave home as your money will go a lot further once you are in Thailand. Koh Samui is renowned for its tailors and has a serious cachet for excellence when it comes to bespoke clothing, even though it may be far away from Bangkok and other fashion centers.

Here at Trend Fashion, we are one of the foremost tailors on Koh Samui. We came here early on in the island’s development and have been a presence ever since, building up our reputation over the years. We can make all kinds of clothing and if you are looking for bridal dresses for women or wedding suits for men Koh Samui, you will be in the hands of experts. We have provided wedding clothing for many weddings both on the island and further afield.

For the purposes of this article, we will just deal with men’s wedding clothing. So how does it all work when you are looking for a high-quality wedding suit? First of all, you should of course discuss with your bride, and your groomsmen too, what you should be wearing. Color coordination is all important here and you need to think in advance about whether you want a waistcoat and a jacket. Remember, it’s hot out there if you are having a wedding on a beach. Of course, you may also be buying your wedding suit for another country. Some clients who come on holiday get married when they are back in their home countries but it’s still necessary to plan out in advance what you want from your tailor.

Once in the store, you will be helped to finetune your choice by the tailor. He or she will ask you plenty of questions and there will be inspiration in the bolts of cloth that are on display as well as the magazines and books that the tailor will be happy to show you. If you have a favorite design or perhaps have saved a pin on Pinterest, this will help the tailor. Here at Trend, we often work from photographs, drawings and other inspiration found on the internet. We can faithfully copy almost all clothing that we see in pictures of any kind. And it’s exactly the same for wedding suits for men Koh Samui.

We work with many different materials but if you are looking for wedding suits for men Koh Samui and are going to get married on the island, you will probably be requesting something lightweight and suitable for the tropical weather. Even if it’s not particularly sunny on your special day, it will still be hot, and you should bear this in mind.

Once you have made the decision what material and style you would like, your tailor will measure you. Since he or she will be making bespoke clothing, these measurements will be quite detailed and there will be quite a few of them but none of it will take long – these tailors are all experts and have had years in the trade. The measuring process is quickly done, but it will be totally efficient and accurate.

Once the clothes are ready, you will be called for a fitting. This usually takes very little time at all but allows your tailor to make adjustments. There may be up to three fittings in all, but very often just two are enough. And don’t worry if you have little time – we can bring the clothes to your hotel or villa each time, this is just one of our services that makes bespoke tailoring so convenient.

Please feel free to contact us or visit our store in Chaweng, if you are interested in wedding suits for men Koh Samui. We’re open to your suggestions and ideas – and of course we can guide you in making optimal choices for the big day. We can work within your budget and you will be surprised in any case just how affordable our services are at Trend Fashion. And that’s why so many holidaymakers are keen to get clothes made by us while they are on Koh Samui. Let us be part of your wedding and we will guarantee that you are satisfied.

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