Can you get clothes made in Koh Samui?

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If you’re coming to south-east Asia, then you probably know already that it’s one of the world’s busiest places for bespoke tailoring. This part of Asia is positively awash with clothes that are expertly made and fitted. Whether you’re in Singapore, Bangkok or Hong Kong you know that there will be a professional who will be able to make you just about anything at a moment’s notice.

But does the same apply to a smallish island in the Gulf of Thailand? It’s not the same, quite, as being in a city with millions of people, is it? If you didn’t know any better, you would most likely conclude that it might be wiser to get your clothes made elsewhere, either before your holiday in Koh Samui or afterwards. But you would be wrong – totally wrong.

It turns out that Koh Samui is a hub of bespoke fashion when it comes to tailoring. There are dozens here and most have been established for many years. If they are thriving (and they are) it’s obvious that there are way too many just to serve the island’s population. Although they make many clothes for locals, they are mainly here for a completely different market, the million or so vacationers of every kind who come here for a few days, weeks or months.

Initially the tailors came to Koh Samui when it was first becoming a burgeoning destination. There weren’t so many amenities on the island back then, but there was already a demand for bespoke clothing. It had started with the question; can you get clothes made in Koh Samui?

The first locals who heard this question probably scratched their heads but it wasn’t long before word got out that there were people asking for tailoring and the first tailors jumped on the boat (there was no other way to get here back in those days) and came over and set up their stores. They were so successful that soon demand had outstripped supply and more tailors came over. Back then it was of course a lot harder to get a variety of materials; the internet was in its infancy and tailors would have to be inordinately well-connected to know what was happening in the great world outside.

Fast forward to today and everything is much, much easier. Good supplies are a cinch to come by, and once a fashion is spotted, it takes no time at all for a professional tailor to have explored what makes it so good. Many tailors are to be found physically on the hoof and traveling extensively to the epicenters of fashions. And thanks to the internet, they are extremely well-informed of what’s going on.

Trend Fashion is one of Koh Samui’s premier tailoring stores and over the years has gained a name for delivering reputable goods that are made according to clients’ preferences. Long established, Trend is well-known for being customer oriented. And not just in the sense that they actively listen to all their clients’ needs. It’s more than that. With Trend Fashion, there’s no need to take valuable time off a holiday to seek out the tailor. Instead, if you prefer, he will be happy to come to you, at your resort, villa or house. And no matter where it’s located on the island. This is a highly convenient service and one that clients particularly value.

Nonetheless, many like to come and actually see the tailor’s store. There’s something age-old and fascinating about stepping into a space where very individual clothing is created out of rolls and rolls of different fabrics. It’s an almost magical process and by the time it’s finished you will stand before the same mirror where you were first measured but this time you will be wearing perfectly made and perfectly fitting new clothes.

All in all, there will probably be three fittings from start to finish. The tailor will be able to give you good advice on the right designs and materials and once chosen, he will find out your measurements. That’s the beginning of the process and the different fittings are all about getting everything exactly right so that you look your very best in your new clothes.

Tailors at Trend Fashion are all aware that as you are on holiday, they have to work quickly but with great precision. Timeliness is also a crucial part of their reputation and if you are a Trend Fashion tailor, you have to be on time with the goods. Always.

Can you get clothes made in Koh Samui? The answer is a resounding yes. And they’re not just any clothes either. These are the best, bespoke to the core, and the kind that will bring you compliments. Trend Fashion has many repeat customers thanks to their professionalism and dedication. Contact them with your requests or step into their store in Chaweng and you will be pleased that you did.

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