We design exemplary wardrobes for our clients, we can provide the finest in custom-made clothing which includes Custom Suits, Sports Coats, Custom Jackets, Custom Shirts and Custom Trousers.

Using traditional craftsmanship and methods like hand stitching of horse hair canvas to the front of the suit jacket, we tailor make your order from the fabric stage which is cut specially for you.

You are not mass produced why should your clothes be, we provide complete bespoke services at a great price.

When you purchase garments from Trend Fashion, you can rest assure that each piece will fit the way it should and how you want it to. Our measuring system enables us to take complete control of how your clothing fits. This is something that you will not be able to find with an off the rack garment.

Like your custom dress shirt dimensions, your dress sport coat and dress blazer have many critical components to insure a great look and a proper fit. When you consider all of the features available, you can create a garment that is as unique as you are without comprising the fit.

You will have complete control on every detail of your custom jacket: from the lapel style and width, the style and number of pockets, the kind of vents (side, center or none), to the actual length of the coat. Let the professionals at Trend Fashion guide you through the process of completing your “First Class” wardrobe!

A handmade bespoke suit from Trend Fashion in Koh Samui for the gentleman can be regarded as the equivalent to an haute couture outfit for the lady from Paris: it is simply the ultimate indulgence and style.

The bespoke Trend Fashion suit has a classic slim silhouette and nipped waist. The real bespoke Trend Fashion suit is handmade on the premises from a pattern after a trained craftsman has taken your measurements and can take up to 72 man hours of craftsmanship.

Over 20 measurements must be taken before a cutter can create an individual card pattern. The cloth is then cut and trimmed in preparation for the first fitting.

We do different styles of tailor made and customized suits for mens

Jackets are a big part of it, if is a single-breasted or double-breasted – let us know Your wishes and needs. Also overcoats are also a part of our products. Ask us and bring Your own idea, what You like to have. We advise You what kind of clothes and suits will fit Your needs. Here You find some inspiration what You can expect from us.