Custom Wedding Suits Koh Samui

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Increasingly, more and more weddings are being held on Koh Samui. It’s not just a world-class holiday destination but also a firm favorite for wedding couples who want to have an exotic backdrop for their big day.

Often brides and grooms will carefully pack their wedding clothes, purchased back at home, and hope that their attire will be in good shape after a journey perhaps of several thousand miles.

When they arrive on Koh Samui, they realize very quickly that there are many tailors who make wedding clothing, and that they could have spared themselves the worry of having to bring everything with them. Koh Samui has become a hub of bespoke tailoring over the years and is on equal footing with the kind of professional tailoring that you would normally expect to find in big cities, such as Bangkok, Shanghai or Hong Kong.

Here at Trend Fashion we have been in the tailoring business from the first days of the island’s fame as a tourist destination. We consider ourselves to be at the forefront of tailoring here and if you are looking for any kind of wedding clothing then we have had the experience of making dresses and suits for hundreds of couples over the years.

For the purposes of this article, we will limit ourselves to how we can provide you with custom wedding suits Koh Samui. Firstly we are able to make wedding suits to fit in with your timeframe – which may be incredibly tight. We are used to deadlines that are just days away – most of our customers are only on the island for just a short while and will soon be taking a plane or a ferry to continue their travels or return home. We are therefore adept at producing perfect clothing in a very narrow window of time.

Our prices are also much more affordable than back at home. As you know already, visiting a bespoke tailor in the west is naturally going to be expensive. Here in Asia the prices are much more within reach of a typical budget. At Trend Fashion, our work is never going to break the bank or even be excessively expensive. For many of our clients it actually works out cheaper to visit us and come away with tailor-made clothing than it would be to purchase off-the-rack clothing from a store back in the home country.

If you are looking for custom wedding suits Koh Samui then there is another advantage to choosing the bespoke option. The tailor will be able to make clothing that not only perfectly fits you but will also have the mark of originality. At Trend Fashion we have countless choices when it comes to wedding wear, and there is far more variety than you would find in most wedding clothing stores.

At Trend Fashion we offer a free round trip to our store, located on the beach road in Chaweng, and can also visit you for fittings in your resort or villa. This makes it an easygoing experience, and cuts down on the stress of having to travel under your own steam. Of course, you’re equally welcome to simply drop in to visit us.

The tailors all speak good English and will be able to give you any and all advice that you need. We also have a large range of materials and if there is something that isn’t immediately available in our store, we will be able to quickly order it for you.

After making your choice the tailor will measure you for the clothing and then will call you once it is ready to be tried on. At this first fitting there will no doubt be some changes that will need to be made. Very often just two fittings are required, but in some cases, it will be three. We want you to be absolutely satisfied with the clothing that you order from us.

Incidentally, when it comes to making custom wedding suits Koh Samui, we produce these not just for men, but also for women. More and more brides these days are opting for a suit rather than a traditional gown or dress. Why is this? One of the main reasons is because many brides simply want an outfit that is non-traditional; they want something different that will express their personality. They may also be thinking that a suit can offer more versatility. It’s possible to have anything from a power suit, all in one color, to a blazer and pants ensemble, with different colors. You can really let your character shine through with originality like this. And another benefit that may appeal to many is that, unlike most traditional wedding dresses, a suit can always be worn again – it becomes a treasured part of a wardrobe that is ideal for many kinds of occasions. Nothing is off limits and we are able to create a look for you that will be original yet show you off at your very best.

If you are interested in custom wedding suits Koh Samui, Trend Fashion will be able to make you look your very best on your big day. Simply contact us or visit in person at our store.

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