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If you’re on Samui, you’re probably on holiday and wanting to maximize your time. If you’re searching for Koh Samui tailors you will probably be wondering how long it will take to get whatever clothes you need. After all, you might have only a few days left and don’t want to spend it in stores.

The great news is that you don’t have to. Koh Samui tailors all understand that time is precious when you are on vacation and they therefore help you to prioritize it; they know that you don’t want to attend numerous fittings and they aim to get everything done in as timely a fashion as possible – without cutting any corners. And they are adept at this. Koh Samui tailors are professional to the core. They have to be as there are a great number on Koh Samui and all need to be competitive in order to make a decent living.

Trend Fashion has been in business for decades and is one of the island’s best known tailors. If you are worried about time, you can even choose to have them visit you in your villa or hotel room, no matter where it is located on Koh Samui. This will be extremely convenient if you are in a hurry.

Otherwise, visit them in their store and you will be surprised at their efficiency; they are always painstaking, never careless, and can get your clothes made up in an astonishingly quick timeframe. And all without sacrificing the least professionalism.

You may never have been to a bespoke tailor’s before, but there is absolutely no need to feel daunted. The tailor will speak good English and will actively listen as you describe what it is that you want. Many customers have only the vaguest of ideas, but that’s no problem either. The tailor will ask you lots of questions and ascertain what your needs are. He or she will also have plenty of fashion books available to browse; these can be a source of inspiration and you may well fall in love with a design or a certain look. Some customers even bring designs with them that they have seen elsewhere. Koh Samui tailors know how to make clothing from scratch based on whatever information is given to them. A torn-out magazine picture that you hand to your tailor can morph quite easily into what will be your favorite clothing, ever. So don’t be afraid to come armed with ideas but equally so, don’t be afraid if you have none at all.

Koh Samui tailors’ shops are filled with a huge array of different cloths. These are all on rolls and can be cut to any size specified, once you have made your choice. The wide variety of materials takes in all manner of colors and textures and there’s every type of fabric from cashmere to cotton. And this being the tropics there are plenty of lightweight fabrics, ideal for trips round the region or just for a summer back at home. Of course, Koh Samui tailors are also able to produce clothes for the coldest of climates and it’s no surprise that they have many customers who live in the northern parts of Europe. And since they know that you’re on holiday and may want clothing for any time of the year, the stock in their shops consists of a larger-than-usual variety that isn’t dictated by the seasons. You are welcome to buy clothing for the hottest summer or for the coldest winter, or anything in between.

Once  you have made your choice, your tailor will measure you quickly and efficiently and within 24 hours you will be called for a fitting. If alterations have to be made there will be a second fitting, and in some cases, a third fitting. The aim is for you to feel very satisfied in your new clothes. And because this is bespoke tailoring, you will find them utterly comfortable. After all, they will fit you and nobody else.

What comes as a surprise to many customers is the fact that the tailor will keep your information on computer. This means you can make a repeat order once there is enough wear and tear to warrant it. You can also order other clothing for yourself, too. And of course, should there be any problems, Koh Samui tailors such as Trend Fashion offer a professional after-sales service.

The really big surprise is, of course, not just having tailor-made clothing but having it at such affordable prices. This explains why Koh Samui tailors have so many repeat customers – coming back for their next holiday is synonymous with getting amazing new clothing. What could be better?

Koh Samui tailors are always at your service. And Trend Fashion, being one of the foremost Koh Samui tailors is always happy to help and go the extra mile.

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