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Koh Samui holds out many surprises for the first time visitor and one of the most unexpected of these is the fact that here on the island it’s possible to get any garment made by an experienced bespoke tailor.

When you come to Koh Samui you will find that there are dozens of tailors’ shops serving the holidaymakers staying here. They offer a professional service and can make your clothes quickly, fitting in with your time frame.

Here at Trend Fashion we count ourselves at the forefront of bespoke tailoring. We have been in the business for many years and have served thousands of clients. Many of them are repeat customers – they come back to us each time that they come to the island, knowing that we will be able to make exactly the clothes that they want. And since we keep all measurements on record, customers can always order new clothing and new designs once they go home.

If you are on holiday on the island and are looking for made-to-measure clothing Koh Samui, then we invite you to get in contact with us or simply drop into our store. We are conveniently located on Chaweng’s beach road. If you would like to, then please avail yourself of our free round-trip service. No matter where your resort or villa is on the island, we will bring you to our store and once finished take you back to your accommodation again. We would like all our customers to arrive stress-free at our store so that they are relaxed when they are making their choices.

And there are a lot to make! Trend Fashion has much on display in the way of materials – there is basically every kind and for every season and climate. Whether you want a light-weight suit for Singapore or a winter coat for northern Norway, we will be able to make it for you. We can also order in any other materials that you don’t see, and we can do this quickly, thanks to very efficient suppliers. We are used to making many different kinds of clothing for our customers, from the casual to the very formal. And we also make a lot of clothes for special occasions. Think of weddings, for example. Many weddings take place on the island and we can make wedding clothing for the bride and groom as well as for all their party. We can make matching colors and designs for bridesmaids and groomsmen. We can also make clothing for a wedding back at home, no matter of what kind.

When you visit us at Trend Fashion you will find that all our tailors speak good English; they are all adept at finding out not just what you would like, but can give you a lot of inspiration. They will ask you a mix of general and specific questions and once they have a good idea, they will be able to show you the different materials and designs that will match your needs and wishes. This may take a little time but not too long – and it’s certainly a quicker process than visiting a shopping center and browsing endless clothes stores. The tailor will give you plenty of ideas and these will be backed up by catalogs, fashion books and photography. You are welcome to bring your own designs too. Some of our clients know exactly what they want; others have just a vague idea. Most will never have visited a bespoke tailor’s before. But whatever your circumstances, there is no need to worry; coming to Trend Fashion is a very enjoyable process and never has the stress of off-the-rack clothes shopping.

After you have made your choices, the tailor will measure you. This is quickly but thoroughly done. After you have gone, the tailor will then focus on getting your order made up. In a day or so, you will be called back for a fitting and necessary adjustments will be made. Then there will be a second fitting and possibly a third. But, whatever, perfection is crucial here – you expect the best and we guarantee that you will receive it; only when you are satisfied do we consider our work to be finished.

To make matters even simpler, the fittings can all be done at your hotel or villa. This will save you time and effort. At Trend Fashion, our professionalism extends beyond the clothing itself to include our customers’ convenience. We know that you are on holiday and that time is a priority for you.

Trend Fashion is a leading bespoke tailor service for all made-to-measure clothing for men, women and children. No matter what you are looking for, we can make it using the material, colors and design that you would like. It’s well worth contacting us and soon you will have the clothing that you truly desire.

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