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There are a few times when those two well-known opposites, save or splurge, aren’t in the least contradictory. It’s a rare and happy occasion when we can succeed in budgeting and at the same time splash out on a treat.

This certainly applies to visiting a bespoke tailors when you are on holiday in Thailand. If you are looking for tailored women’s clothing Koh Samui (or, for that matter, men’s clothing), then you can treat yourself to the extraordinary workmanship that the tailors offer, yet save money. Your purchases will in all probability work out cheaper than they would if you were visiting a department store back at home. Yet, for less outlay, you will be getting bespoke tailoring with garments that have been purpose-made just for you.

Not surprisingly there are many, many tailor shops offering tailored women’s clothing Koh Samui. Most are very reputable and you will be pleased that you have commissioned them to make your clothes. At Trend Fashion, we count ourselves at the forefront of the island’s tailors. We have been here longer than most – we came during the first wave of tourism, when the first vacationers sought clothes to take back home with them.

We also offer services that go above and beyond those of the majority of our peers. Not only do we have firm guarantees for our workmanship, we make it a much less stressful business to get the clothes made. How? We offer a free round trip from anywhere on the island to our store and back. We pick you up at your accommodation, no matter where it is on the island, bring you to our store and when your visit is finished, we take you back to your hotel, resort or villa. There’s no having to find our store or navigate the island’s roads to get to us. We aim to make your visit as relaxed as possible. Similarly, we can also come to your accommodation for any fittings. All of this gives you the maximum time to spend on what really counts – your holiday.

Once you arrive at our store, you will be greeted by your tailor, who will look after all your needs. He will speak good English and will be able to communicate with you. He will start by asking you lots of questions about the type of clothing you would like: what material you are looking for, where the clothes are to be worn, how often, and so on. These questions will give him a good indication about what will be best for you. He will also help you decide on the colors and materials. He can not only give you sound advice but provide inspiration in the form of fashion books, catalogs and photographs. And of course you’re welcome to bring your own sketches, ideas and inspo from the internet.

After choosing the materials that will be used, the tailor will measure you and once you have left the store, he will then start making the clothes that you have requested. After a day or so, he will call you back to see how the clothes fit. Undoubtedly there will be alterations to be made after this first fitting. In all, you might have three fittings; often two will be all that is required. We need to make sure that everything is perfect and that you are satisfied with the finished product. Only then will you need to pay the balance.

When it comes to tailored women’s clothing Koh Samui, we offer the very best in all kinds of clothing, whether formal or informal. We have a very full range and can make you, for example, any kind of formal suit that you require. Whether you are looking for something to impress board members of your company or something a little more casual for everyday at the office, we will be able to design it for you. We can also make you relaxed clothing for a night out. Naturally we can make a bridal costume for you if you are having a wedding here on the island. And, no problem, if it is for a wedding back at home – we will have everything ready for you before you fly back.

Many of those who come to visit us are repeat customers; every time they come on holiday here, they stock up on whatever they need for the rest of the year. And we also, incidentally, keep all your measurements on record. You can even order from us when you are back at home and we can make and dispatch garments to you.

For anything to do with tailored women’s clothing Koh Samui, we invite you to come to Trend Fashion. We will be able to make you look your absolute best.

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