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Thailand is one of Asia’s top wedding destinations and hundreds of weddings take place here every year, with a good many being held on Koh Samui. if you look around the beaches, you will often see a white-curtained gazebo or arch covered in flowers – a sure sign a wedding is about to take place. It’s no surprise then that some of the island’s tailors are experts in creating wedding dresses.

If you are looking for custom bridal wear Koh Samui, you will find a tailor’s near you who will be able to help you. Here at Trend Fashion we are one of the island’s leading fashion designers and have made many brides’ dreams come true by making them the prefect wedding attire. Naturally, we also make suits for grooms and we cater for groomsmen, bridesmaids and guests too.

When considering custom bridal wear Koh Samui, you will need to leave ample time for us to make the garments that you will need, but we are used to working to very tight deadlines and are sure to have everything ready in a matter of days. Almost all our clients are visitors to the island and we guarantee that we can deliver clothes according to their departure plan, so it’s a matter of course to produce speedy yet perfect work.

We offer a great many different styles of bridal wear, from dresses to suits, and can ensure that the fit is perfect. It usually takes a couple of fittings to get everything exactly right, sometimes three.

We offer classic gowns that can be as voluminous as you would like and which channel fairy stories, or at the opposite extreme contemporary-style power suits with a minimalist look. Timeless appeal is achieved with A-line dresses while boho dresses have a different chic, with flowing fabrics and earthy notes. When it comes to materials, we are equally versatile and can offer everything from satin through to silk chiffon, cottons, lace, etc.

Colors are equally important, of course, and the tailor will always be able to work with the colors of your wedding, dovetailing them with your mood board. You may, for example, want a dress that’s infused with a subtle color, such as pink, to give a romantic look. Other colors and hues will give different effects, adding warmth to a gown – for example champagne coloring – or you may want something that gives a very fresh look, such as light blue or a minty green. You may want a rustic, shabby chic look and opt for earthen colors, such as oat gray or fall reds and browns. The choice is endless but we can cater for whatever choices you would like. We naturally also do all gradations of white. And for those who really want to make one of the boldest statements of all, we are equally adept at black.

It can obviously be very bewildering to choose a wedding dress, but part of our work is to help you make the right choice. Of course, you may already have a design that you have set your heart on and we will be happy to work with that. We can also work from sketches that you have made or photographs. When you come to Trend Fashion, our tailors will be able to give you inspiration and guidance. They will start by asking you lots of questions about your preferences and what you are hoping for, and will be able to translate your wishes into the bridal wear that you will be truly happy to wear on your big day.

Custom bridal wear Koh Samui is all about getting the perfect look and the tailor will consider every aspect of your clothing. He will discuss with you your preferred fabric, the silhouette that you wish to have and any extra decorations that you would like your wedding attire to have. He will want you to have a dress that is unique and only for you. All our tailors at Trend Fashion speak good English and will take their time to help you feel relaxed.

Once you are happy with your choice, your tailor will then measure you, and then you will be free to go. Afterwards you will be called for your first fitting, after which alterations will be made. There will also be a second fitting, and in some cases, a third, as we want you to be completely happy with your clothing. Only when you are satisfied will your tailor consider that the work is completed.

Part of our service that many customers like is the free round-trip that we offer to everyone who would like to come to our store. We will pick you up from anywhere on the island and take you back again after your visit. This means that visiting us is a stress-free event as you won’t have to worry about traffic and getting lost on the way. Naturally, you are equally welcome to just drop in at any time.

If you are looking for custom bridal wear Koh Samui, please contact us or visit us at Trend Fashion and we will be able to provide the dress that will match your dreams for your wedding day.

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