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What surprises many people when they come on holiday to Koh Samui is that there is always a tailor shop seemingly within a few hundred meters of their hotel.

It may seem counterintuitive but while many people are buying bikinis and swimming trunks for the beach, others are going to tailor shops in order to get clothing for wetter and colder climates back at home.

Bespoke tailoring is an experience not being missed but few imagine exploring the subject while on a holiday. Yet it’s hardly an obscure activity, and if you ask if there is a tailor in Koh Samui near me, then yes, there is bound to be one.

Bespoke tailoring may seem like an unexpected luxury but here on Koh Samui it’s become part of everyday life.

With so many tailors there is bound to be stiff competition and to survive as a tailor here on Koh Samui you must be extremely professional.

One of the foremost leaders of the sartorial crowd is Trend Fashion. They were one of the first tailors to arrive on Koh Samui and set up here. They have been in continuous business ever since and have provided thousands of customers with bestpoke clothing of all kinds.

It’s all down to their sheer expertise and through learning the very perfectionist art of tailoring from an early age thanks to skills handed down through the generations.

But there is more than expertise when it comes to Trend’s recipe for success. Their store is conveniently situated but should you need them to, they can come and visit you in your hotel or villa room. What could be more convenient? They also have an extremely wide choice of fabrics, designs and styles. They are adept at making  you look your best in whatever clothing you have set your heart on.

The process of getting bespoke clothes made for you is very simple and straightforward. First of all Trend will have plenty to inspire you. Trend fashion keeps many magazines and sample books, allowing you to browse the latest fashions. And the Trend team is always out and about visiting fashion centers – they are definitely in the know when it comes to what’s new.

And if you have ideas already, they can always realize them for you. The team are super friendly, speak good English and will always listen to your wishes and needs. And as mentioned already, the store has plenty of different fabrics of all kinds, so whatever you want they will be able to supply.

At Trend, the tailor will make sure he understands exactly what you want. Paramount is the context that the clothes will be worn in. Is it a formal occasion or something more informal? Everything will be taken into consideration, including the weather and climate where the clothes will be worn. Whether you’re in a country as hot as Thailand or living somewhere north of the Arctic Circle, the clothing has to be just right. Once you have discussed everyting with the tailor and have made your choice, it’s time for him to get going.

The process begins with you being measured for the clothing that you have chosen. This is done quickly but make no mistake, it’s expertly done. Perfection is all part of the process.

You’ll be called for a first fitting and this allows you to try on the garments that you have chosen. Afterwards the tailor can make any necessary changes. Then, in no time at all you will be going to the final fitting. Here you try on the finished product and see how it feels. The tailor may need to make a few last minor alterations so that everything is perfect for you.

Trend Fashion is always aware that if you are on holiday, your time is going to be very limited and you certainly don’t want to spend much of it in a tailor shop. Hence Trend Fashion is used to working speedily and efficiently and within a few days your clothes will be ready for collection. It’s an astonishing turn-around.

You’ll be able to leave the island with your new clothes – it could be just a few items, or it might be an entire wardrobe. Whatever, all the clothes will fit you perfectly.

And it goes without saying that the price you will have paid will be extremely competitive. The prices will probably be lower than anything you would have paid back at home even for off the rack clothing.

Trend Fashion also keeps your measurements in their database so if you need to reorder it’s always possible. And you can order other garments online which will also be made according to your measurements, and then shipped to you.

Tailor in Koh Samui near me? – certainly there is. The island boasts a dedicated group of bespoke tailors who have been operating here for years. Contact Trend Fashion and they will be able to make you look your very best in no time at all.

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