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Everyone agrees that bespoke tailoring is the best way forward when it comes to clothing. However, it is usually not included in most people’s range of options, for the simple reason of the price tag. It’s way too expensive for most people.

But that’s in other parts of the world. When it comes to south-east Asia, our region, prices drop but professionalism doesn’t. And that’s precisely why so many people avail themselves of bespoke tailoring services whilst on holiday.

If you take a walk through any major town on Koh Samui, you are bound to see a tailor’s shop. They are ubiquitous. You might at first wonder why they are here – and in such profuse number – but once you realize how ridiculously inexpensive it is to buy bespoke clothes, you will realize that they have many, many clients, all of whom can expect to leave for home after their holiday with brand-new clothing that will fit them like a glove.

Koh Samui tailors provide every kind of bespoke clothing, both for men and for women. For the purposes of this article, however, we will focus solely on women’s formalwear tailors Koh Samui. Here at Trend Fashion, we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of tailoring on the island. We established our business on Koh Samui many years ago, during the first waves of holidaymakers. And we have been here ever since.

We produce every kind of formalwear for women and this can be either single garments, such as a blouse or skirt, or different kinds of formal suits. We have, for example, dress suits that combine a jacket with a dress and which is ideal for an evening reception or a cocktail soiree – any event where the need to look formal is underpinned by looking feminine and elegant. For more casual occasions, you might want to have a blazer along with trousers, which will give you a modern and sophisticated look.

We have many designs for pant suits whereby a jacket and trousers are matched. This will give you a very polished look and is suitable for the most professional of settings, such as a boardroom meeting.

We are also specialists in all kinds of dresses – think A-line, wrap dresses and so on. When it comes to women’s formalwear tailors Koh Samui we naturally include wedding dresses and bridesmaids’ clothing. We are experts at both and can have all your wedding party – and that includes men too – ready for the biggest day of your life. Many couples come to us before their upcoming wedding on Koh Samui. We may need slightly longer than usual when it comes to wedding clothing, and you should allow for three fittings. We can also make bridal clothes for a wedding back at home and can have everything ready for when you fly out of Samui.

It goes without saying that we match clothes to your body type and the preferences that you have. For example, pants suits might be straight leg or wide leg; it really is up to you. Skirts can vary from knee-length all the way through to maxi. Our tailors will always be able to provide advice, should you need this.

The kind of suits and formalwear that we make should be a reflection of your own style and will be seen as a statement of your individuality and uniqueness. And no matter how formal the occasion is, our clothes will help you stand out and express your personality. You will be able to feel more confident and ready to shine at the occasions when you wear them.

As mentioned already, our bespoke tailoring service is remarkably affordable. It is also highly convenient. We can, for example, pick you up at your hotel or villa, or wherever you are on the island, and then take you back afterwards. All of this will be free of charge.

When you come to our store, the tailor will first need to know what kind of clothes you would like; he or she can give you plenty of advice and inspiration, and help you hone down the perfect formalwear for you.

In the next step you will be measured for the clothing, a quick yet efficient process, and then in a day or two you will have the first fitting, after which alterations will be made. There will be up to three fittings in all. They can also be done at your hotel or villa. Only when you are satisfied with the finished product will the tailor consider his or her work done.

Please get in touch with us if you are looking for women’s formalwear tailors Koh Samui. We will be able to help you find the perfect clothes, no matter what the occasion. And in all probability this will work out cheaper than buying off-the-rack clothing back at home. With clothes that are fitted by a tailor, you will look your best in the most formal of situations.

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