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When it comes to weddings, Koh Samui is one of the most beautiful places to hold them and every week the island will host several, maybe more. If you’re on the beach, you will sometimes see a white-curtained gazebo being put up in the late afternoon – it’s a sure sign that there is about to be a wedding.

It comes as little surprise that the island has become famous for not just holidays but for weddings too. It has the most amazing backdrops along with elegant venues that are ideal for staging weddings of all kind, from simple elopements to gatherings of a hundred guests or more.

What many people don’t know – at least until they arrive on Samui for the first time – is that the island has a plethora of tailors who are expert at making wedding clothes. Not just for the bride, groom and the bridesmaids but also for the best men and groomsmen. For the purposes of this article we will just focus on one aspect – best men suits tailoring Koh Samui.

Here at Trend Fashion we are experts when it comes to making suits for best men. We have been in the bespoke fashion business for many years and were one of the first tailors to set up on the island. Over the decades that we have been here, we have designed all kinds of different suits for best men.

The best man’s role is of course a crucial one he is perhaps the best friend of the groom or a close family member, and he has been entrusted with the role with good reason. It’s therefore essential that he is well dressed for the occasion. And it’s not such an easy thing to do. This is because his clothing should fit in with the groom’s own choices and not detract from them in any way. During the wedding itself the best man may be standing next to the groom and will appear in many photographs. It’s therefore very important that he neither looks out of place but at the same time, doesn’t steal the limelight.

If you are looking for best men suits tailoring Koh Samui, we at Trend Fashion will ensure that the best man looks excellently dressed during both the wedding and the reception. We will also ensure that his clothing fits in with the palette of colors and the mood of the wedding, too.

We suggest that the best man contacts us before arriving on Koh Samui to discuss the clothing he needs. But equally, he is free to drop into our store in the south of Chaweng once he gets to the island.

We are used to working to very tight deadlines and can produce clothing within just a few days. Most of our clients are on holiday and may not even have approached us until almost the end of their time on Koh Samui, so we have long since become adept at very short deadlines. This separates us from a good many tailors abroad, as do our prices. They are hard to beat yet there is no loss of quality; we guarantee perfect craftsmanship every time. The clothes that you buy from us will work out considerably less expensive than they would in most western countries, and may well be cheaper than buying off-the-rack in a local store back at home.

Best men suits tailoring Koh Samui covers the entire range of possibilities. We have a full range of materials, colors and designs. Just to give a few examples, at Trend Fashion we offer classic tuxedos, which are great for the more formal weddings. We also have contemporary suits which are very versatile; you can pair them with many different types of shirts and ties. Very lightweight suits, just right for that tropical beach setting, are also popular and we offer these in fabrics such as cotton and linen. For those who are best men at sophisticated weddings, we offer an array of three-piece suits, but these aren’t advised for beach weddings during the hot season.

Needless to say, some best men aren’t choosing suits for Koh Samui but for weddings back at home, so we also offer warmer materials as well – if you are going to be at an outdoor wedding in Scandinavia during fall or spring (or even winter), this would be no problem for us.

If you would like us to make clothing of any kind for a wedding, please visit us at our store, or contact us before you leave your home country. If you are to be a best man, we will be able to make you a suit that will fit you like a glove and make you look just right on the groom’s big day.

For best men suits tailoring Koh Samui and for any other bespoke clothing, Trend Fashion stands out as a leader in tailor-made solutions.

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