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When it comes to clothing, there’s little that’s more convenient than coming to Koh Samui and getting a tailor to make anything and everything for you. No matter if you just want a couple of shirts or blouses or an entire wardrobe, the island’s tailors will be able to make whatever you would like.

One of the favorite parts of the services offered has, however, nothing to do with the clothes themselves, it’s the convenience of getting to the store. If you are looking for a free pick up from your hotel & villa tailor service Koh Samui, we at Trend Fashion offer a completely free pick up service that will collect you at a time that suits you and bring you to us, then take you back afterwards.

This is just one of the helpful ways that enable you to get bespoke clothes made for you without inconveniencing you; we know at Trend Fashion that your time is even more valuable than it would be at home – you are on holiday after all – and we do our utmost to fit in around your itinerary. All you need to do to secure the pick-up service is to contact us at Trend Fashion and we will arrange to have you collected at your hotel, villa, house or apartment. This is especially useful if you are a long way away or you don’t have any transport to hand.

Once you reach our tailor store you will be in professional hands. And certainly, you will feel more relaxed than if you had to make your way here yourself. Being relaxed is something that you will appreciate when you buy bespoke clothing; there’s no point in being stressed as you will need to appreciate all the different types of material and designs that we have – and that’s why we prioritize a relaxed approach. The tailor will take time to find out what you want; the style of the clothing, and what it will be worn for, and where. There are many variables to be considered, even some that you may not have thought of.

No need to worry if you don’t have a precise picture of how you want to look. Most people don’t and that’s where the tailor will be able to help. He or she will have plenty of materials and designs to show you and will be able to give you advice on what’s best for you in your circumstances.

You are naturally welcome to bring us your own designs too. Many of our clients have photos of clothes they have seen or perhaps have links to perhaps a Pinterest board or other platform. The tailor will be happy to work with your ideas and can also adapt them to your liking

Once you have made your decisions, your tailor will measure you. He or she will be very nimble, yet entirely thorough. It may not take very long, but all the measurements will have been expertly done. Bespoke tailoring is, after all, about perfectionism.

Once finished, we will take away all the hassle of getting back to your accommodation. Having a free pick up from your hotel & villa tailor service Koh Samui is certainly going to make everything easier for you. And don’t forget because this is a bespoke service you will need to come back for fittings and adjustments. There may be up to three fittings, although very often we can get everything just right in just two. All of this is made a lot easier thanks to having our pick-up service look after you.

At Trend Fashion, we are able to offer a very full bespoke service, offering menswear and womenswear of all kinds. We are also called upon to provide wedding garments such as a dress for the bride and a suit for the groom. Naturally, we can provide all the clothing for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, too.

Something else that many of our clients find useful as a service is that we keep all your measurements on file, just in case you would like to order extra clothing. Many people who visit us are repeat customers who are happy to have the chance to replenish their wardrobe with the best fashions or even let us take charge of a complete makeover.

Apart from the free pick up from your hotel & villa tailor service Koh Samui, we offer very competitive prices and can guarantee that we can keep to your time frame. For a very reasonable outlay, you can end up with tailor-made clothing that’s actually cheaper than buying off the rack at home. And it’s certainly going to make you stand out from the crowd – be ready to get compliments on your dress sense and how great you look.

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