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Many vacationers are surprised to find that there are so many tailor shops on Koh Samui. It’s something that’s very apparent once you walk down the shopping streets on the island. Vacationers might at first believe that the islanders are particularly fond of custom-made clothes but this isn’t the case at all – after all, most people on Koh Samui are casually dressed.

Custom tailoring Koh Samui exists not for the home population but rather for the million or so visitors that come here every year. Although it’s hardly a typical holiday pursuit, many vacationers want to visit the island’s tailors because the cost is so minimal. Anything and everything can be made and it’s always much less expensive than buying from a tailor’s in one’s home country. And it will in all probability be cheaper than buying off-the-rack in clothing stores back home.

Not only is it cheaper, but the quality is also unbeatable – these are tailor-made clothes after all and are specifically designed to fit perfectly and make you look good in any situation.

People ask about the professionalism, naturally. The quality and workmanship are second to none, and those who buy from the tailors often wished they had bought more while they were here. Often they have to wait until their next holiday.

At our store, Trend Fashion, we see many repeat customers who come back to us each time that they have a holiday. We also keep all measurements on record, so if there is something else that they may want to have, it’s a cinch to order from home. Thanks to worldwide delivery, they can easily enjoy our products without the need to come back to our store.

However, the best solution is always to come to us in person as there are usually two or three fittings. By now you might be wondering how all this works and how easy it is to get clothes made when you are on holiday. One of the main questions people ask is: how long does it take to have an order made up?

Here at Trend Fashion, we are used to very short deadlines. In fact, many of our clients don’t come to us until it’s near the end of their holiday. This is something that we take in our stride, and we are experts at working quickly but without any loss of professionalism. Our trade may call for perfectionism but we also have to be nimble. It takes just a few days to get your order ready, and that’s from the moment you walk into our store.

We are located on the beach road in Chaweng and are easy to find. However, we also offer a free round trip to any part of the island; wherever you are, we can collect you and bring you back afterwards. This saves you time, money and energy. We want you to feel relaxed when you visit us. If you arrive stressed out from your journey, it takes something out of the pleasantness of visiting a tailor’s. We aim for custom tailoring Koh Samui to be a relaxed affair – you will be sure to make better decisions that way.

When you step into a tailor’s, you will first be made welcome and once you have sat down and taken in your surroundings, the tailor will ascertain what kind of clothes you are looking for. Unlike buying off-the-rack clothing, a tailor’s shop will offer you far more in the way of choice. Though a tailor’s might be a lot smaller than a clothing store, there’s actually an infinity of possibilities.

No matter if you only have the vaguest of ideas, the tailor will be able to make suggestions. There is also plenty of inspiration on hand with fashion books, catalogues, photos and so on. And of course you are welcome to bring your own ideas. You may well have seen a design you like on Pinterest or Instagram, for example. Or you may have a simple sketch of a design that strikes you. We are used to working with all kinds of media and ideas. The tailor will help you hone down your choices until you find a design and a material that you really love.

Our stores carry a huge range of materials and we can always quickly order anything that we don’t have in stock. We can make clothing for any kind of climate – for example, many customers come from Scandinavia and are looking for winterwear.

Once you have been measured up, you will soon be called back for a series of fittings, and only when you are completely satisfied will the tailor consider his work to be done.

If you are looking for custom tailoring Koh Samui, then contact us at Trend Fashion and we will soon have you looking at your very best – and for a snip of the price you would normally pay in the west.

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