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Trend Fashion is one of the island’s leaders when it comes to all kinds of bespoke tailoring. We were one of the first tailors to open up in Koh Samui back in the early days when the island was on the cusp of becoming a world class tourist destination. We came here because there was a growing demand for tailoring, especially for men’s suit tailors Koh Samui.

You might ask why there was such a need in the first place. After all, none of those early tourists needed much more in clothing than basic beachwear and something casual for the slightly cooler evenings. They certainly didn’t ask us to provide that. They wanted clothing for back home. They knew that south-east Asia was a major supplier of bespoke tailoring but Bangkok and other cities were much further away in those times – you had to take a bus to Bangkok. So what they hoped for was to find a good tailors on the island. And that’s why we at Trend Fashion and our peers set up, so that we could provide all kinds of bespoke clothing. Men’s suit tailors Koh Samui was something that hotel guests frequently asked about and soon they had addresses like ours to go to. Business thrived and as more and more tourists came to Koh Samui, the demand increased. Men’s suit tailors Koh Samui were seen ever more frequently on the high streets of the island’s towns.

Fast forward a few years and we’re very much still part of the Koh Samui scene; many vacationers who come here are on the lookout for men’s suit tailors Koh Samui, as they know they will be able to get exceptionally good deals.

At Trend Fashion, this is especially the case. And the benefits we offer go way beyond the actual clothes themselves – we will come to the clothing in just a minute. Even before you step inside our store, conveniently located in Chaweng, you will know that you are in good hands. For a start, we offer a free round-trip to our store. This saves you time and stress and frees you to think about what’s going to be important right now – the clothes that you would like to order and add to your wardrobe.

Trend Fashion and men’s suit tailors Koh Samui offer an amazing spectrum of materials and designs. This is another of our advantages over traditional off-the-rack clothing, where there is limited choice in materials. The store at Trend Fashion is filled with rolls and rolls of cloths. And if there’s something that you would like but cannot see, then we can easily order it for you.

For many of our clients who are looking for men’s suit tailors Koh Samui, it’s an exciting experience, made even more so by the fact that here on the island the clothes you order will be a lot cheaper than anything purchased back at home. You will be able to obtain quality clothing at very reduced prices.

And those clothes are going to fit perfectly and help you look the best that you possibly can. You will feel far more confident in bespoke clothing. Expect a few compliments when you are wearing your new clothes back at home.

Men’s suit tailors Koh Samui have all the expertise in making top quality clothing since we have had so much experience. Long established tailors such as ourselves learned our skills from our parents and grandparents. With us, it’s a generational set of skills that we have acquired and the expertise shows in the results.

Your tailor will speak good English and will be able to give you sound advice, should you need it. He or she will ask you lots of questions in order to determine exactly which kind of materials and designs will be best for you. In addition to the tailor’s guidance, there are many catalogues and photographs to help point the way. And of course, you’re welcome to bring your own designs to the store – something you may have seen on Instagram or Pinterest, for example.

Once you have made your choice your tailor will quickly measure you and then in a couple of days or less, will ask you to come back to the store for a first fitting. Alternatively, he or she will come to you, to maximize your holiday time. Adjustments will be made and then there will be a second and possibly third fitting. The clothes will be ready soon after that. Men’s suit tailors Koh Samui such as Trend Fashion adhere totally to the principles of client satisfaction.

Contact us today or step into our store and we will soon have you looking your best – and for a fraction of the cost you would pay back at home.

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