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Famed as south-east Asia is for tailored clothing, few people expect to find it outside the large cosmopolitan cities. Think: Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and so on. That’s where you’ll find all the professional tailors who will make you a suit, a dress or whatever you are looking for. This is what most people believe and perhaps it used to be true – in the past.

These days, however, the situation is quite different; professional tailors are to be found not only in the large cities but elsewhere too. And even on smallish islands such as Koh Samui.

All this comes as a surprise to most visitors who come to Koh Samui for the first time. As they walk down any main road, they will see that there are tailors pretty much everywhere. Surely, they think, the demand is not that big? But it is and that’s because visitors in the know expect to be able to come on holiday and return home with bespoke clothing of pretty much every kind. From a few shirts to an entire wardrobe.

If you’re used to traveling and shopping in south-east Asia, you will already know that it’s a great idea to pick up tailor-made clothing as it will fit much better than anything that you buy off the rack. It’ll also look better. And it will, almost invariably, work out a lot cheaper. That’s quite a big wow factor and if you couple it with the fact that professional tailors aim for perfection each and every time, you know it makes utter sense to go to one.

If you’re looking for tailored men’s clothing Koh Samui, you will find that there are many professionals who will be happy to make your clothes. The competition is quite stiff and it may be hard to make a choice of which tailor to go to.

On the island, Trend Fashion has been in operation from the earliest days, when the island morphed from being a backpacker destination to a fully-fledged vacation destination attracting visitors from all over the world. For us at Trend, we’ve not only stayed the course but we have enormous expertise, with our skills being handed down through the generations. We also speak good English and you can rest assured that with us there won’t be the kind of misunderstandings that can often arise anywhere abroad.

Finding tailored men’s clothing Koh Samui is now a very simple process. We have a store in Chaweng, which you can simply visit – feel free to browse – or we can make things even easier by offering you a free round trip from anywhere on the island. We will pick you up from your hotel or villa and bring you to the store and then afterwards take you back. This allows you be very relaxed as you won’t have the hassle of having to get to us in a taxi or hired car.

Once you have arrived, you will be greeted by one of our friendly tailors. He or she will make you feel at home and will ask you what kind of clothing you would like made for you. There may be quite a few questions, as it’s important to get the details right. You will be asked for example what climate you will wear the clothes in – at Trend Fashion we make clothing for any climate in the world. You will also need to think about the formality of the clothes you are requesting. And how often they will be worn. We also make clothing for special occasions, such as weddings, for example.

In the store you will be shown a variety of materials, colors and textures. The tailor will help you if you need any assistance. Mmany customers have only the vaguest of ideas what they want. The tailor can point you in the right direction as well as show you some of the numerous fashion books, catalogs and collections of photographs that the store has in stock. And by the way, you are welcome to bring your own designs with you, perhaps something you have seen on Pinterest or Instagram for example.

In the next stages the tailor will measure you and then a day or so later will ask you to return for a first fitting, after which some adjustments will be made. There may be up to three fittings in all – we take pride in making sure that you are thoroughly satisfied with the clothes you have asked us to make.

We work speedily – but do not sacrifice quality in doing so. The clothes that you receive will fit you perfectly, be long-lasting and you will feel confident when you wear them. When it comes to tailored men’s clothing Koh Samui, satisfaction is always guaranteed by Trend Fashion – every time.

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