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When they come on holiday to Koh Samui many people are surprised to find that there are many tailors shops and naturally wonder why that is. It’s not because the islanders themselves are into formalwear, it’s all down to the vacationers who need bespoke clothing for when they return home to their native countries.

Men’s formalwear tailors Koh Samui are to be found in most parts of the island and if you are looking for a suit, shirts, pants or even a three-piece suit for the most traditional of weddings, the tailors here have you covered. They are highly professional – they have to be, given the stiff competition between them.

At Trend Fashion, we came early to the island, just when it was starting to become a travel destination. We are one of the longest-established tailors and have built up a very solid reputation over the years we have been in business. We have many repeat customers who entrust us with their bespoke clothing needs every time they come back to Koh Samui on holiday.

We provide all kinds of clothing, both for men and women, but for the purposes of this article we will confine ourselves to men’s formalwear tailors Koh Samui. We can provide you with just a few shirts to a full wardrobe of clothing, all of it bespoke. And we will need just a few days to do so. We are used to working within very strict time constraints. That’s because most of our clients are on vacation and may well be coming to us toward the end of their time on the island.

We are able to provide services that are beyond those of many of our peers and which you may wish to take advantage of. We offer a free round-trip pick-up service from anywhere on the island; we will come to pick you up at your resort or villa, and then take you back there afterwards. We can also provide fittings at your place, and are willing to travel to you, wherever you are, saving you the time and expense of having to travel while on your holiday.

When it comes to men’s formalwear tailors Koh Samui we provide a full gamut of clothing. This might be in any style – we have clothing for all occasions. We have everything from very lightweight materials to the kind that will keep you warm during the coldest of weathers – we have many clients from Scandinavia so we are used to dealing with requests for winterwear. We are able to make you clothes for the most formal of occasions but are equally at home when it comes to casual wear. We are very aware of the latest fashions too, and will be able to dress you in the most contemporary of styles.

When you come to us, you will find our tailors are all able to speak good English and will make you feel relaxed, first discussing your wants and needs. They can provide lots of inspiration too in the form of clothing catalogs, magazines and books of photos. You are also welcome to bring your own designs with you and we can work from pictures and ideas that you have found on the internet.

Once you have made your choice, your tailor will measure you for the clothing, which may take a little time, but is quickly done. After a day or so you will be called back for a fitting, when he or she will look at how the clothes fit you and will make further adjustments. Then there will be a second fitting, and perhaps even a third – we want to make sure everything is right for you. Our job is to ensure that you have clothes that fit you perfectly and will satisfy all your requirements.

We keep our clients’ measurements on digital record so if you ever need to order something else, we can make up your new clothes and send them to you, wherever you are in the world. Shipping clothing abroad these days has become much easier than it used to be and many clients take advantage of this service.

If you are looking for men’s formalwear tailors Koh Samui then we invite you to get in touch with us here at Trend Fashion. We are certain to be able to answer all your needs when it comes to clothing. Our prices are far cheaper than at any comparable tailors in most western countries and you may well find, depending on where you are from, that our clothes are cheaper than something similar off the rack. We are happy to offer unbeatable prices for top quality clothing – this is one of the primary reasons, aside from our quality work, why we have a cachet for excellence when it comes to bespoke tailoring on Koh Samui.

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