Wedding guest dresses & Outfits

Choosing a wedding outfits can be a difficult and exciting time and there is a lot to consider…

Koh Samui, Thailand is an idyllic wedding destination. A small, quaint island covered by coconut palms and surrounded by lovely beaches, Koh Samui is a stunning and romantic island

If you are planning a wedding in koh Samui & interested to have wedding outfits made either for the individual or group order, our team, led by professional tailor has created many wedding outfits such as – grooms attire and bride’s gown, wedding guests dresses and outfits, Brides maid dresses and outfits, groomsmen suits and outfits –for hundreds of couples over the years.

Every wedding is unique and every couple’s requirements are different, but our team will ensure that every detail of your wedding outfits is the best it can be whether you are looking for contemporary, classic or rule breaking style.

With over than 50 staff, Trend Fashion can handle all types of weddings outfits made within the shortest time frame with necessary fittings, from an individual order to a large group of family and friends.