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Chances are that if even if you are new to south-east Asia, you will already know that there are many tailors throughout the region and that there is a concentration in big cities like Hong Kong, Bangkok and Saigon. What is not so well known is that even far from the cities, there may well be a hub of bespoke tailoring just where you least expect it.

Such is the case with Koh Samui. Even though it’s a well-known tourist spot, not many people realize that tailoring is part of the scene here. Just walk down any big road in one of the main towns and you are bound to come across a tailor’s shop. Or even several. How come? Because the demand is that big. Visitors to the island soon realize that they can get entire wardrobes of bespoke clothing made up for them – and for very little outlay. The clothing, however, is just as professional as you would expect to find in a big city.

Koh Samui tailors have to be good in order to survive – the competition is fierce and the clothing that they make has to be top-notch. They make all kinds, for both men and women, but for this article we will concentrate on custom women’s tailoring Koh Samui. All tailors here make women’s clothing and can make anything from the most casual clothing to the most formal. So, whether you are looking for something for a nightclub or the boardroom, the tailors here will be able to produce it for you.

They have plenty of inspiration if you’re not sure quite what you are looking for. They will show you magazines, fashion books and catalogs that will give you lots of ideas. And, of course, you are welcome to bring with you designs that you have found on the internet or that you have sketched yourself.

Here at Trend Fashion, we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of the island’s bespoke tailoring industry. We were one of the earliest established tailors, and set up when the first international holidaymakers came to the island. And we have been here ever since; we have built up an enviable reputation for creativity and professionalism.

We offer more benefits than many of our competitors. This isn’t just limited to value/price considerations but also the sheer convenience of coming to us at Trend Fashion. We offer a completely free round-trip for anyone on any part of Koh Samui. We will pick you up at your accommodation and bring you stress-free to our store in Chaweng. And once you have finished, we will take you back again. And for fittings – there may be up to three – we can bring the clothing to your resort or villa for you to try. This saves you lots of time and hassle while you are on holiday.

We are aware that in all probability you will only be on Koh Samui for a little while. So don’t worry if you have left your tailoring needs to the last few days of your vacation. We are used to making clothing at short notice and within time frames that others might consider barely possible.

When you come to our store, the tailor will make you feel at home. All our tailors speak English and will be able to understand you clearly. They will ask lots of questions about what you ideally need the clothes for and will be able to give you good advice. And naturally, when it comes to custom women’s tailoring Koh Samui, Trend Fashion is able to produce appropriate clothing for any kind of climate. Many of our clientele come from Scandinavia, for example, so we know what’s best when it comes to materials. Our store stocks every kind of material and fabric. We are versatile at coming up with creative designs, and our clothes are always guaranteed to fit you perfectly. The fittings will ensure that the clothes are exactly right for you.

No matter if you would like just a few blouses or an entire makeover, we will be able to produce exactly the right clothing for you. Expect to feel more confident and more comfortable in any clothes that we make for you – this is the very core of what we do as bespoke tailors.

When it comes to holidays, it’s worth taking a little time out for custom women’s tailoring Koh Samui. At Trend Fashion, we will be able to dress you to look your absolute best – and without taking you away from the beach or pool for too long. In all probability you will spend less time with us than you would browsing the clothes in a department store. Please contact us at Trend Fashion and we will be able to help you look superb for very little outlay.

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