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To make an order of a blouse, please fill out this form completely. Important Note: All fields are required. Note: All figures are in cm.

To avoid errors, you can print out the document “measuring instructions for a suit”. Write down all the necessary data and transfer them into the online form.

The document can be found here . You also can follow this instructions by follow this link.

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1. Collar

Stand up straight and relaxed back, look straight ahead. Place the measuring tape so your Neck that it loosely on the shoulders rests.

2. Chest

Place the tape measure around widest part of the chest. To the take measurements exhale. Leave A finger’s width of space between Tape and body.

Tip: Make sure that the measuring tape directly over the nipples and on the back straight rests with about one cm of space between the measuring tape and body.

3. Waist

Measure the circumference of your torso to the navel height. Here again: standing comfortably, exhale.

Tip: If you are somewhat corpulent, choose the fullest part of your abdomen.

4. Seat

Set for measuring the tape around the widest part of your buttocks.

Tip: Be sure to measure to wear a pair of pants that are not too much brushing. And before that necessarily Pockets empty!

5. Biceps

Measure your right (righthanded) or the left (lefthanded) upper arm at the widest point in the relaxed State.

6. Shoulder

Measure from shoulder to shoulder. Make sure that both ends are at an altitude. It is important, this Mass to take exact because from here the sleeve length is taken.

Tip: A good landmark is the “outer edge” of the shoulder bone.

7. Sleeve

Place the tape measure at the exact spot to which you measured in Step. 6 Put the tape around the Elbow and measure up to the wrist.

Tip: To order a short-sleeved shirt, measure up to the point where later the sleeves should end.

8. Wrist

Place the tape measure to measure around the widest part of the wrist and add 1 cm.

9. Shirt Length

To determine the total length of your shirt, measure from the top of your shoulders next to the neck to the end of your buttocks.

Tip: Planning a shirt with round hem are about 6 cm shorter on the sides than in back.

10. Length to chest

Place the tape measure on the shoulder near the neck. Measure the length to the widest part of your breasts – The point you identified in Step 2

11. Length waist

Place the measuring tape on the shoulder line close to the collar, and measure the length to the waistline (see Step 3). The waist is below your ribcage.

12. Length to the hip

Place the measuring tape on the shoulder line close to the collar, and measure the length of your hip bone.

Tip: The perfect hip measurement is in women about 8 cm above the widest point of the buttocks (see Step 4).